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A Stay at the Unique Coloma Cottages

Hello this is Clara Silva here! I had the opportunity to stay at the Coloma Cottages in Coloma, CA. This unique property is only a short 12 min drive from our Luxury Listing at 1120 Wallace Rd. in Placerville, CA

View of the American River

I stayed at the Riverhaus cottage on the property! There are a few other cottages on the land and all of them have amazing views and relaxing sounds of the roaring American River. The privacy and the relaxation of this property is unmatchable. Many guests stay on this property for the close proximity to the rapids on the river but I definitely stayed here for the peace and relaxation.

This little courtyard is right in front of the Riverhaus surrounding all the cottages are nice little areas for peace and quiet.

The front yard is shared with the two other little cottages at the "triplex" style Riverhaus and the Rio Azul are the two and the grounds host, Nancy stays in the other cottage. The customer service and the personal connection with Danika, the owner of Coloma Cottages was unmatchable. She is a kind soul and genuinely looks out for her guests and ensures they all have a great time! I am so glad to have connected with her.

I loved how cute, cozy, and homey the cottage was. It definitely felt like a home away from home. Tons of board games piled up for fun game nights and there was even a nice little outdoor patio for you to soak up the nature and hear the sound of the rushing river.

A fully ready to go kitchen for your cooking needs. I would suggest stopping in a Placerville grocery store and picking up necessities to cook. Since I was only staying for a night I opted for the little in town convenience store! Check out the kitchen in the slides below.

Danika mentioned the water was not usually this high but the dam this water comes from was releasing a lot of water lately since the melting snow! Regardless, the sound of the river was loud but it was soothing and relaxing.

I had the chance to tour another cottage, right on the river bank and the sound of the water was so soothing. Check out the video above!

I would just like to thank Danika and her team who made my stay at the Coloma Cottages possible. Check out their FB here, the booking website here and Danika's airbnb listing here. If you've been thinking about visiting this area and want a homey place to stay and enjoy the outdoors, Coloma Cottages is def the place for you and your family.

Check out the IGTV tour on my Instagram

The Grounds are FOR SALE - Let us know if you'd like more information regarding purchasing this Unique Land with cottages on the American River. Contact Lupe 408-839-9009 or Clara 408-768-5106


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